Occasionally I sell some of the original manuals that I have duplicates of, or other items that I think would be of
interest.  Some are from my collection, or items I've found while hunting for more manuals.  All items are guaranteed
to be genuine to the time period.  I don't buy reproductions unless absolutely necessary to fill a need for a rare
manual.  If something is not original, it will be clearly stated in the ad.  Prices are subject to negotiation and trading.

For these items, only Paypal, Western Union, and credit cards will be accepted for foreign buyers.


Spade Grips for the MG42

A friend of mine made some great spade grips for the MG42. Video is shown below.
If you're interested in a set, contact Charlie at TAURUS3L6@yahoo.com - He's a gun dealer/C3 SOT in Avon, OH.
Price: $475 + $18 shipping.
If you think this is expensive, here's a link to an original set in Austria, which sold for $801.00 US.
Click Here

Video - Large file - works best if you right click and do a Save As to your desktop, then play it from there.                                                                        

Angolia's Uniforms and Traditions of the German Army - 1933-1945

One set of 3 volumes, in excellent clean condition. $225, includes US media mail postage and insurance.
Foreign sales are OK, but postage will be higher. Pictures are available on request if necessary.
If you have watched prices on this set, you know this is a good deal.

MG42 Ruptured Case Extractor

This is not the extractor for the MG34.  The MG42 has the pins in a different location, and the ends of the pins have a groove to
easily distinguish it from the tool for the MG34.  This will pull a torn or stuck shell casing from the chamber, whether or not the
shell base is present.  One end grabs hold of the shell base, the other is inserted inside the shell if the base is torn off.  A must
have tool to keep from scratching the chamber when trying to remove a ruptured shell.  A standard issued tool for the tool pouch.
SOLD, I DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER, $150 plus postage.  Foreign orders are welcome, registered mail or insurance is required.
The rusty look in the pictures is the old grease, which has since been soaked clean. I can provide pictures of the exact tool you will receive if requested, but they're all the same..
Picture 1  Picture 2     


Booster Soaking Jar

I have one MG42 recoil booster soaking jar (steel). These are a lot harder to find than they used to be. B+ condition with good blue, some blue wear on the lid. Clear waffenamt on the side.
Clearly marked on the lid: "Petr.-Büsche f. Rückstoßverst. z. M.G.42 ddf"
$225 + $7 priority mail postage. I have ONE in B+ condition.  Ask for pictures if you need to.  I don't post them because I buy and sell, and I don't want to accidently leave an old picture on here and mislead anyone.

Lafette Wrench - Back in Stock

The Norwegian MG34/42 lafette wrench functions identically to the German WWII version, except it has a part number stamped on one side and no waffenamt. German wrenches in good condition sell for $200+.
I have a few Norwegian wrenches in very good condition available. Below are pictures of both sides of the wrench. All are nearly identical in condition.
$75 - US first class postage included.
Side one  Side two                                                        

The Finnish Submachine Gun Suomi M/31 - by Michael Heidler

The "9,00 konepistooli M/31“, most often only tenderly called "Suomi", is one of the best known Finnish weapons of the Second World War. Till today it stands for perfect quality and highest precision, and it taught the Russian invaders the meaning of fear.
This book will give an insight into the history of this extraordinary weapon, from its development via the manufacturing through to its use in Winter War (1939 – 1940), Continuation War (1941 – 1944) and finally in Lapland War (1944 – 1945). It also describes the lesser known variations like the bunker- and tank-Suomi, the magazines and the accessories.
The majority of the wartime photos used in this book were never published before.
- Text is in both English and German
- 96 pages, hardcover
- large size (7.9 x 12 inch / 21 x 30 cm)
- 270 illustrations (color & black/white)
Cover  Page 12  Page 26  Page 33  Page 47  Page72  Page 82                    
$50.00 - US priority mail included.

Luger Book

World of Lugers, by Sam Costanzo.  
The definitive book about Luger proofmarks.  Nearly perfect condition with a slight
scuff on the back, no bumped corners.  431 pages about the Lugers, Luger take-down tools, and holsters from 1906 to the end
of production.  Autographed by the author.  
For questions or if you need more pictures, just ask, but it doesn't get any nicer than this.
$235, includes priority mail.  Foreign orders are welcome, registered mail or insurance are required.
Cover  Sample page 1  Sample page 2  Autograph  Corners  Spine 1           


Sieg um Jeden Preis  
- Victory at any price.  Color laser printed on heavy paper.  11" x 17" as shown, but without the green
circle and lettering.  This is the picture I used for ebay, and I edited it so the ebay goons wouldn't delete the ad.  The black
caption in English at the bottom of the poster is printed on the poster, but could be easily trimmed off if so desired.  Comes rolled
in an appropriate box, unless several posters are ordered, and then they will be shipped flat.  Add a 98k or navy poster (below)
for only $6.
$9 each - includes US first class mail.  Additional posters (this poster, or any of the two other posters listed) on the
same order are $6 each (no extra postage charge).
Click on the link below to view this item
Sieg Poster     

98k Karabiner  - The 98k Carbine.  Color laser printed on heavy paper.  11" x 17" as shown, in full color at high resolution.  
This poster shows the names of all the parts in both German and English.  This is the high resolution poster version of the fold-out
chart which is in the back of the Dv 103/2  - Schußwafen 98 und Pistole 08 manual sold on the Manuals page.  Comes rolled in
a mailing tube.  Add a Sieg um Jeden Preis (above) for only $6.
$9 each - includes US first class mail.  Additional posters (this poster, or any of the two other posters listed) on the
same order are $6 each (no extra postage charge).
Click on the link below to view this item
98k Poster     

Join the Navy - A slight twist on the classic poster.  Color laser printed on heavy paper.  11" x 17", as shown, in full color at
high resolution.  The actual poster does not have the black bar blocking the view as shown in the link below.  Comes rolled in a
mailing tube, or if you order several posters, they will be sent flat in a heavy cardboard box.
$9 each - includes US first class mail.  Additional posters (this poster, or any of the two other posters listed) on the
same order are $6 each (no extra postage charge).
Click on the link below to view this item
Join the Navy      

Original Manuals

Nothing available at this time.

Recommended Books

Truppenführung H.Dv. 300/1 - Troop Command - On the German Art of War. H.Dv. 300/1 is the philosophy and doctrine of the German Army in a book. Absolutely worth the read if you're serious about learning the details of the German way of how to conduct and command the German armed forces in WWII. This book was translated and published in 2001 by Condell and Zabecki.. I don't sell it, but found my copy on eBay. It is also for sale on Amazon. This is one that I thought of translating myself, but someone else already did, and did a good job of it, too. 6" x 9", 300 pages.
I highly recommend it.
I do not sell it, I only recommend it.

German Manufacturing Codes to 1945  
- This book was written by Michael Heidler.
Please contact him directly if you're interested in his book. I do not sell it, I only recommend it.

Here is what he had to say:

Michael Heidler <
GGBuch@web.de> wrote:

Dear friends,
After many years of waiting and looking for a publisher, my book about the German manufacturers codes of WW2 is now
finished. Some days ago I got the first package from the print shop.
The book has more than 500 pages, is sorted in two ways (after codes and after company-names), contains ALL code systems
(abbreviations, number-codes, letter-codes, LDO-numbers for medals & insignias and the RZM-numbers for NSDAP- &
SS-equipment). The official list with letter codes end with "ozz", but I was able to add three pages of later codes.
And the best fact: The foreword and the text is written in German and English!
The part with the codes is not translated, because there is not much to translate. But I have forced the publisher to print the text
in English language too. I think it's very important to know the background and the development of the code systems. I have
found many original documents in archives to reproduce the way of the development step by step.
There will be no commercial distribution to dealers outside Germany, so if someone might be interested, I can only send books
from me.
If someone is interested, the price is 35,- EUR in Europe incl. postage.
To the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan it's 60 USD for a single book by airmail incl. postage.
I have attached some pics!
With best wishes from Germany
Michael Heidler
If you've already bought Michael's book, here is the list of
Updates and Corrections to it.

Picture 1  Picture 2  Picture 3  Picture 4     

Kriegsprache  - Glossary of World War II German Military- and Period-Specific Words, Phrases, and Abbreviations for
Historians, Researchers, and Hobbyists, compiled by Thomas L. Houlihan II.    If you're interested in reading and interpreting
any of the original documents of the day, this is a great military dictionary, and so much more.  Abbreviations are thoroughly
listed, and phrases that escape the usual translations are all contained in this book.  I bought a copy and it has helped with
translating the manuals I've done.  Use the link below to see where to buy this book.
I consider this book a must have for those with any interest in this era.
8.5" w X 11"h soft cover.
$27 plus postage - click on the link to see how to order:

Click here to order or read more about Kriegsprache

Click Here to see the Orders page.